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WSGI talk code now online

At the September 2009 Detroit Perlmongers / dynamic language meetup I gave a talk on Python and WSGI.

I walked through six different examples showing what WSGI is and some parts of the WSGI web development ecosystem. The six examples were:

  1. the simplest WSGI app, and serving that same app under many different WSGI servers
def application(environ, start_response):
    '''The simplest WSGI app.'''
    start_response('200 OK', [('content-type', 'text/html')])
    yield '<h1>Hello world</h1>'
  1. request and response wrappers, introduction to middleware
  2. a slightly more full example of middleware
  3. a fleshed out app with templates, URL routing, and some more middleware

Great diagram explaining middleware from the Pylons documentation.

  1. form generation and validation
  2. using an existing app with authn / authz middleware

You can find the code and instructions for running the examples on Bitbucket.

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