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New blog

I decided to migrate my old Zine blog to blohg. Blohg is a static site generator that uses ReStructured Text, mercurial, Flask, and Frozen-Flask for the backend. This should be easier to keep up to date.

I am also shutting down my DreamhostPS. The service was alright, but recently it kept getting restarted for going over its quota, even though it was very under-utilized. Also, I have been using ep.io and Dotcloud for all my new python web app experiments.

The new blog is also using a design made by my buddy Joe. Thank you Joe!

American Dreamers series

Interesting series on eccentric folks, the first few on artists are very good:

Missing Pause/Break key on Dell Studio laptops

I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop and the keyboard is missing the all-important (not really, but sometimes it's needed) Pause / Break key.

Here's the key combination to trigger Pause/Break: Ctrl + Fn + F12.

If you use Windows, here's another little twist: Windows + Pause/Break brings up the System Properties on a standard keyboard, but Windows+Ctrl+Fn+F12 doesn't work. Instead, you have to use Windows + Fn + F12.

Also, here's the history of the Pause/Break key. Fascinating...!

Uses of toothpicks, in order of popularity

  1. Testing if brownies are cooked
  2. Holding a sandwich together
  3. Picking food out of your teeth
Illustration of a grassy knoll