Writing mercurial plugins

Getting my feet wet with writing some Mercurial plugins... First impression is that the API is very low-level, but I guess that makes sense since HG (and its plugins) have to be low-level to perform well.

#!/usr/bin/env python

from mercurial import hg
from binascii import hexlify
from mercurial import util

def interact(ui, repo, **opts):
    """poke around the mercurial API for this repo in a python interpreter"""
    print "Locals are:", dir()
    import code; code.interact(local=locals())

def short_incoming(ui, repo, **opts):
    """Shows a shortened form of 'hg incoming'"""
    default = hg.repository(ui, ui.expandpath('default'))
    inc = repo.findincoming(default)
    nodes = default.changelog.nodesbetween(inc, None)[0]
    for node in nodes:
        cs = default.changelog.read(node)
        print hexlify(cs[0])[:6], '|', cs[1], '|', util.datestr(cs[2]), \
              '|', len(cs[3]), 'files', '|', cs[5], '|', cs[4]

cmdtable = {
    "interact": (
    "short": (

Part of me just wants to scrape the text of the different subcommands.

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